Products BetterMap Transportation Management System

BetterMap is an ICT system that provides complex support for wide range of processes and operations in the field of logistics and transportation resources management.


Key functionalities of BetterMap system are:

  • route planning and optimization in order to minimize overall fuel consumption,
  • task scheduling and management (pickups, deliveries, maintenance),
  • fleet and transport resources management,
  • human resources management,
  • vehicles track and trace,
  • real-time monitoring of transport plan execution,
  • dedicated navigation module,
  • telematics components for route and vehicle parameters monitoring,
  • enhanced digital maps,
  • analytical and statistical tools for reporting.

BetterMap can be deployed in order to support supply chain and distribution logistics, warehouse and depot management, retail sales supply, courier services, insurance agents.

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Products MuuMap Milk supply chain management system

MuuMap is a unique IT system that supports management of dairy supply chain logistics.


MuuMap is used to plan, execute, and monitor the process of milk collection from a distributed network of suppliers.

As the only solution available on the market this class, MuuMap makes full use of geoinformatics technologies to optimize routes and monitor rolling stock in rural areas, which are not covered by standard navigation systems. MuuMap facilitates the management of logistics processes in both dairy cooperatives, as well as in external transport companies.

In addition to process and organizational improvements one of the most important advantages of MuuMap is the reduction of fuel consumption and total cost of transport. The experience of recent deployments shows that these savings can be as high as 20%.

So far MuuMap has been implemented in tens of dairy plants in Poland, where on a daily basis it supports milk collection for manufacturers such as SM Mlekpol, OSM Sierpc, or OSM Skierniewice.

Products CAS City Activity Stream

City Activity Stream is a solution for smart city ecosystems that provides citizens about the events occurring in urban area.


City Activity Stream application offers:

  • web application where users can subscribe to specific categories of events (e.g. air pollution, noise level alerts, heavy traffic),
  • user interface to display the events in a chronological order (timeline) and spatial (map),
  • integration of subsystems for the measurement and monitoring of certain parameters of the urban environment,
  • mobile version of the application to enable access to the information and notifications through tablets and smartphones.

The product was created within the scope “ACCUS” research and development project.

During the pilot deployment of ACCUS smart city platform, CAS has been implemented in Gdansk, where it retrieves information from the air pollution monitoring system, noise monitoring system, and intelligent transport system Tristar.

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Products CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System

CMMS is a system to support and manage maintenance processes in factories and production plants.


Main functionalities of the software are:

  • production line monitoring,
  • fault and failure alerting,
  • support for maintenance,
  • scheduling and coordination of technical reviews,
  • spare parts stock and supply management,
  • reporting, analytical, and statistics tools.

CMMS has been so far implemented in, among other, fruit and vegetable processing plants of Döhler GmbH.

Products WCS Weight Control System

WCS is a solution that automates the process of load acceptance in processing plants using scales and automatic vehicle identification.


WCS enables automatic identification of vehicles with the use of cameras and optical character recognition (OCR) component or RFID reader module. The solution is integrated with industrial scales collecting data on the tonnage of the vehicle. Based on the data obtained WCS automatically creates a report of cargo acceptance.

WCS can be easily integrated with access control systems in order to authorize trucks and automate their entry on the premises of the processing plant.

WCS has been so far implemented in, among other, fruit and vegetable processing plants of Döhler GmbH.

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