Company BetterSolutions Statement

We are a technology company which specializes in development and implementation of high quality ICT systems. We provide innovative technologies that improve the company’s performance and lead to the effective business development. We focus on geographic information systems, telematics and complex solutions for logistics, agriculture, industry and smart cities.



Our mission is a dynamic and balanced development of innovations that stimulate and enhance the development of business activity of our clients and simultaneously meet the requirements and needs of the social environment. Each innovation that we develop is a solution favourable to the client and valuable to the society. Bearing in mind social responsibility, we design innovations that would contribute to the smart business and would additionally improve the situation of the people who finally are provided with optimal tools to realise their goals.


Our values

The realization of our mission requires a proper attitude – critical towards how our world looks now, creative in designing intelligent states of affairs and concerned with making our world better. This is the attitude presented by our values.

  • We make it better.

    Create the impossible.

    In our dictionary there are no words as “impossible”, “it can’t be done”, “it can’t be better”. It can be. If not today, then tomorrow.

    We are not satisfied with status quo. We improve things. We create better worlds. Innovation is not only our goal but also our state of mind.

    We work so that the impossible could be within our reach.

  • Shared vision.

    Team and fair play.

    We have a recipe for achieving things that for others may be unachievable. It is working in good teams and respecting fair play rules.

    We understand sportsmanship. We like rivalry and appreciate fair play. We take up challenges and achieve great results.

    We treat our partners, our competition and each other fairly and responsibly. Our projects are games. We prepare, we play in a team and we win with style.

  • Self-development.


    Every change should start from ourselves. We can improve the world only when we improve ourselves.

    The foundation of our company are the people who constantly improve their competencies and whose respect towards themselves results from constant learning and self-development. We believe that such people are the most creative, that they can take responsibility for their decisions and derive satisfaction from sharing knowledge with others.

    They are able to create autonomic and efficient team. We do not settle for high quality of our services, our solutions and our work. Everything can be improved.

  • Addressing societal challenges.

    Caring attitude.

    Business activities are not placed in a void. They influence the environment. They are concerned with others and that is why they require a special approach.

    We value empathy and pro-social attitude. Taking actions, we take into consideration welfare.

    We diagnose and respond to the needs of the environment starting with matters important to our city and region – those important for the country and those consequential for the civilization and society. We come in making the world better.


Why BetterSolutions?

We develop technological innovations that aim at the improvement of business working in different areas of economy. Our mission is realized due to both the professional and effective cooperation with clients and business partners and the active participation in domestic and international R+D+I projects.

  1. Innovations based on experienceFor years we have been working on the local, domestic and international market. We have built solid business relations in the region and our products and services contribute to the activity of our clients in Poland, Europe and Asia.
  2. Innovations based on knowledgeWe create an interdisciplinary team which cooperates with local and foreign institutions within the scope of research and development projects, acting in favour of highly specialised technological knowledge transfer.
  3. Innovations based on valuesThe culture of our organization is based on values and ethical standards. We are the partner you can trust.