Work philosophy Methodology

BetterSolutions combines agile (adaptive) methods for managing projects with traditional methods (PMI) by adjusting the approach to the requirements of a client. In development of our systems we rely on the principles of Scrum methodology.

In order to realize projects, BetterSolutions puts at disposal a team fitted to client’s needs. The team includes people with Scrum Master specialization, product owner, technology architect, developers and testers.


We are agile and open to change because we know that there are no two equivalent business situations.
By giving away piecemeal systems functionalities to the client, collecting feedback and responding to changeable and gradually specified requirements of a final user, we apply agile work methodology.


We know that in terms of usability it is the client that has the last word.
Agile project management improves indicators of compatibility with the requirements of a final user. We improve quality and reliability of the software due to the current consultations with a client, constant integration and piecemeal functionalities testing.


We are close to our client because we know that what counts is a quick and accurate reaction to the specific needs.
We apply work methodology which lays emphasis on a strict cooperation with a client throughout the entire project duration. We guarantee an individual and creative approach to the problems solved.


We are always on time because we know that time is money.
Shortened cycle of giving away piecemeal functionalities and numerous control points in the production process allow us to finish the subsequent stages of a project on time.