Solutions Industry 4.0

One of the features of the fourth industrial revolution is full automation of production and integration of its processes as well as real-time optimization of logistics due to ICT employment. Our solutions streamline information flow throughout the entire value chain, starting with suppliers, through transportation and ending with production facilities.

Effective implementation of the Industry 4.0 standards requires the right tools. That is why for several years we have been implementing and integrating solutions that support the work of industry:

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a maintenance system for production line management, which provides monitoring, faults alerting and full service and maintenance support.

ACS (Access Control System) is used to automatically verify trucks permissions to enter certain areas of storage and production facilities areas.

WCS (Weight Control System) streamlines the process of cargo and raw materials delivery to processing plants using industrial scales and automatic vehicle identification.

PMS (Production Management System) supports the management of the end-to-end production process.

Our approach not only provides systems integration within the customer’s organization, but also supports interoperability of third party systems. Due to administrative panels, monitoring and reporting tools, mobile applications and Internet of Things approach we are able to establish effective and automatic communication between all actors throughout the value chain.

Thus, our approach Industry 4.0 results in a platform to enable cooperation of suppliers, logistics departments, management, project teams, HR departments, and end customers, which eventually accounts for optimized and end-to-end control of entire production process.

Our solutions have been implemented in several food processing plants, paper factories, and electrical engineering facilities in Europe for companies such as Dellner Components, Tabaknatie or Döhler.