This year BetterSolutions joined the Polish Chamber of Milk which aims at strengthening the cooperation within polish milk industry, representation of its business in the world of science and politics and its promotion internationally. This organization consociates over 60 cooperatives, dairy plants and companies connected with milk industry.

This week the CEO of BetterSolutions, Przemysław Szleter, meets representatives of UK’s ICT industry, venture capitals and customers from TSL sector (Transport, Shipping and Logistics). The goal of is to open up foreign markets for BetterMap platform that offers advanced logistics management and geospatial information system features.

On 26-27 of January BetterSolutions participated in the conference organized by the ARTEMIS Industry Association. The aim of the event, which took place in Strasbourg Convention and Exhibition Centre, was to exchange knowledge and experiences related to the implementation of research and development projects in the area of embedded systems.