Company BetterWorld

We are convinced that the game of social and economic value is not a zero-sum game. Not only do our solutions and products guarantee an economic benefit both the our clients and our company but they also have a positive influence on social and natural environment. We are a company which consistently realizes the vision of a better and an intelligent world. We define it as “intelligent” since we believe that the world becomes intelligent when it is able to offer people optimal solutions to their problems.

Our strategy of a “BetterWorld” responsible business means that we take long-range and consistent actions in favour of intelligent and safe environment that is based on cooperation.

Smart environment

Our products and services are not the goal itself. Our IT systems upgrade everyday business functioning, social environment and public administration. While implementing technological innovations, we take into consideration their users that are provided with useful tools due to which they can solve problems, optimize organizations and improve the quality of life.

Good practice

Innovations for smart spaces
In our portfolio there are many products that support an intelligent environment management. Our solutions enable effective employment of fleets and optimization of transportation plans, they streamline information flow between all the actors of the supply chain, they guarantee reliability of production processes and a safe food transport with a low transportation vulnerability. We initiate and engage in actions that build intelligent agriculture. Finally, we implement smart city standards within the scope of urban infrastructure, acting in favour of development of Smart City Living Lab in Gdansk.

Safe environment

BetterSolutions designs and offers IT solutions that positively influence the natural environment. Working on people-friendly and environment-friendly technologies, we take consistent pro-ecological actions.

Good practice

Balanced development of rural areas
MuuMap system, being a solution for dairy industry, is used for navigation, organization and optimization of milk transport. It guarantees balanced resource management during food transport. Our technology considerably reduces the length of routes. In that way, it minimizes not only greenhouse gases emissions but also exploitation of roads. Our solutions within the field of precision agriculture enable a selective dosing of fertilizers and plant protection products with a minimization of negative environmental impact of agrochemicals.

Cooperative environment

Our business activity is motivated by the assumption that the development of innovations and socially useful technologies is possible only in an ecosystem, in which there exists an interchange of knowledge and experience between all the stakeholders. Moreover, in an ecosystem in which cooperating partners offer each other complementary competencies. Working in partnership with leading science and technology organizations in Poland and Europe, we lay emphasis on the technology transfer.

Good practice

Cooperation in favour of regional innovation system
For a few years BetterSolutions realizes strategic goals in the field of intelligent environment, working in the biggest in Poland Cluster ICT “Interizon”. The CEO of BetterSolutions, Przemysław Szleter holds the position of a board chairman of the foundation which administrates the cluster. The cluster promotes cooperation between ICT contractors, administration and research centres, and according to its mission, BetterSolutions constitutes an active member of the partnership which realizes the strategy of smart specializations of Pomerania region under the name of “ISP 2 – Interactive technologies in information – intensive environment.”