R&D Agenda

BetterSolutions carries out internal research and development work that aims at prototyping, experimental development and validation of components essential to its products and solutions. The company participates in R&D projects funded by national and European R&D agencies (FP7, ARTEMIS, ECSEL, H2020).

R&D Technologies

In order to provide its customers with innovative solutions for logistics, industry, agriculture, and smart cities, BetterSolutions carries out strategic R&D work in several technological domains.

  • Wireless Sensor Networks

    WSN is an important element of our telematics and telemetry solutions. We use them to enable data exchange between actors in supply chain. WSN technology is also applied in order to communicate on-board computers with wide range of sensors and actuators installed in vehicles. We develop semantic database technologies to guarantee interoperability of sensors and their easy interfacing with web services available through the computing cloud.

  • Optimization algorithms

    Our Transportation Management Systems (TMS) provide routing and navigation functionalities. To that end BetterSolutions develops algorithms for operation research and optimization, mostly focused on logistics processes. Our R&D work in that domain addresses multi-objective optimization and detailed routing problems such as truck and trailer routing (TTRP).

  • Geographic information Systems (GIS)

    One of the company’s key competences is geographic information systems. We work on GIS technologies applied in agricultural field mapping and road networks mapping using enhanced road parameters. Our products include positioning technologies (GPS, GNSS, GLONAS) and navigation modules dedicated for transport fleet management and precise maneuvering of agricultural machinery.

  • Embedded systems and telematics

    In cooperation with automotive and transport industry BetterSolutions works on embedded systems integrated with vehicles on-board systems. Sensor fusion, control and actuation as well as low-level processing of data on drive parameters, vehicle position, or cargo conditions. Our embedded systems are deployed in comprehensive solutions for logistics and agriculture.

R&D Cooperation

BetterSolutions is actively involved in several strategic R&D programmes and initiatives on regional, national and European level.

  • Smart Regional Specialization Strategy

    Since 2014 BetterSolutions is involved in realization of Smart Regional Specialization strategy in Pomerania region in Poland. One of the specializations supported by the regional government is “ISP2 – Interactive technologies in information-intensive environments”. Main R&D&I domains of ISP2 programme cover embedded systems for smart spaces, internet of things, multimodal human-machine interfaces and space and satellite engineering.


    BetterSolutions is a member of ARTEMIS Industry Association, a network of universities, research centres, and high-tech companies from Europe. The goal of the association is to advance in R&D work in embedded systems domain. Within ARTEMIS-IA our company participates in ECSEL-JU (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership – Joint Undertaking), which is a public-private partnership that manages and finances European research agenda in the area of electronic components development.

  • ACCUS 2.0

    The company is one of the partners of scientific-industrial consortium of ACCUS project (2013-2016). During the project BetterSolutions has carried out work aiming at development of a prototype of the platform that integrates and coordinates processes of distributed urban systems. Currently the company takes part in preparations of a follow-up project that will provide TRL9 version of the platform and establish smart city living lab in Gdansk (Poland).

  • Interizon ICT Cluster

    Since 2010 BetterSolutions is a member of Pomeranian ICT Cluster “Interizon”, which associates over 150 companies, scientific organizations and business environment institutions of Pomerania region. In 2015 the cluster has been designated by the Ministry of Economy as “National Key Cluster”. The CEO of BetterSolutions, Przemyslaw Szleter, acts as the CEO of “Interizon” foundation that is responsible for cluster management.

  • Space technologies

    In 2015 our company became a member of “Space” working group in Interizon ICT Cluster. The group seeks to consolidate and coordinate actions of actors representing space industry from Pomerania region as well as to initiate common projects to be carried out in cooperation with European Space Agency (ESA) and Polish Space Agency (POLSA).