We think globally, we act responsibly.

We are a technology company which specializes in development and implementation of high quality ICT systems. We provide innovative technologies that improve the company’s performance and lead to the effective business development. We focus on geographic information systems, telematics and complex solutions for logistics, agriculture, industry and smart cities.

Our values

Make it better.

Create the impossible.

  • Shared vision.
    Team and fair play.

  • Self-development.

  • Addressing societal challenges.
    Caring attitude.

In our dictionary there are no words as “impossible”, “it can’t be done”, “it can’t be better”. It can be. If not today, then tomorrow.


Logistics as a Service

Since 2013 we have been developing technologies that support transport and logistics management. The tools that we offer include electronic maps, fleet management systems, tools supporting transport planning, vehicle navigation modules and vehicle routing technologies enabling optimization of transportation plans. Due to the Logistics as a Service, our technologies may be freely configured and implemented in various industries allowing for scalability of a solution.

Learn more how Logistics as a Service platform streamlines the entire supply and distribution chain.

Our partners

In BetterSolutions we have built solid relations with partners within the region, country and abroad. Together we realize commercial implementations and cooperate in terms of research and development projects. Our partners include science and technology organizations, universities and global corporations.